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Jcs Certifications pvt ltd headquartered in Delhi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, has been devoted to certification of organic products over a decade, assuring the organic integrity of the products from origin to destination.


Our criteria, policies and standard interpretation are well defined and they are available for the public.


We deal with your certification request in the shortest possible time. We will answer your questions within three business days.


We believe in operator responsibility. Offer competent, transparent and efficient certification services in order to build up trust in the certified products.

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We at Jcs Certifications offer a wide range of world leading audit services to check the entire value chain from processes to systems and services. Our audit team is made up of experts, Trademark Registration In India the team ensures that the processes, products and services meets with all the national and international standards required.
Our consultancy service will help you to understand your actual requirements and how can you meet them. Consultancy service can help you to achieve full markets access and helps to Trademark Registration In India meet the requirements of your target market.
It is important at every stage that whether you develop products, projects or process for all you need a trusted inspection to ensure that the Barcode Registration In Indiap roducts and services meets with the legal obligation and required standards at every stage. Our world leading trusted inspection services helps you to reduce and control risks, enhances quality and meets with all the regulatory requirements.
Verification is vital from time to time, whatever your industry is, but it is mandatory to verify whether your current certification standard meets with the latest regulations and Barcode Registration In India standards. As a result, Jcs Certifications will help you to meet with the Barcode Registration In India latest regulations and standards.

Who needs to be certified?

All handlers who process, dry, freeze, clean, mix, pack, or label organic products after harvest, need to be certified



1) Must assure traceability and transparency.
2) Requires a good documentation system.
3) Must not contaminate organic products through inappropriate post-harvest handling.



1) Only certified organic raw materials can be processed to organic products.
2) Raw materials procured shall have a copy of a valid scope certificate, issued according to the respective standard.

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